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Buy & Rent Mobile Office Trailers in Stillwater, OK is the best place to buy and rent mobile office trailers in Stillwater, OK. We offer the largest selection of low cost office trailers in Stillwater, and you know you'll get the best price when you go with us. Our main goal here at is to make it easy to rent and buy office trailers in Stillwater. We take pride in our excellent customer satisfaction, and do everything we can to ensure that customers are happy with our service. Whether you are renting an office trailer in Stillwater for a few months at a construction site, or you want to buy an office trailer in Stillwater to use as a portable classroom at a school, has the solutions to your temporary office space needs.

Stillwater Office Trailers has an extensive selection of office trailers in Stillwater, including:

  • Mobile Office Trailers
  • Construction Trailers
  • Jobsite Trailers
  • Portable Classroom Trailers
  • Security Office Trailers
  • Ticket Offices
  • Administrative Offices

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mobile Office Trailer in Stillwater?

Office trailer rentals in Stillwater cost about $125 - $450 per month. Pricing depends primarily on the square footage that you need, how long you are renting for, and any optional features.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Mobile Office Trailer in Stillwater?

It costs about $15,000 to $40,000 to buy an office trailer in Stillwater. Costs rise as total square footage increases.

Do You Sell Used Office Trailers in Stillwater?

Yes you can save some money by purchasing refurbished and used mobile office trailers in Stillwater.

What Size Offices Are Available?

8' x 20', 8' x 28', 10' x 44', 10' x 56', 12' x 44', 12' x 56', 12' x 60', 24' x 44', and 24' x 56' are available.

What Optional Features Can I Add?

There's many optional features you can add such as: easy access ramps, bathrooms, meeting rooms, built in desks, office furniture and more.

Where Can I Put My Office Trailer?

You can keep it on your property as long as it's on a firm, flat surface. They are usually kept on dirt, grass, gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

Container Office Trailer

container office in Stillwater

8' x 20' Office Trailer

8 x 20 office trailer in Stillwater

8' x 40' Office Trailer

8 x 40 mobile office trailer in Stillwater

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